How to change color of Facebook Profile

Are you bored with Default Facebook layout color? Yes, Can i change the color of my Facebook profile? Ans will be yes if you are using Firefox Browser. There is a simple tricks how to make your facebook profile colorful. Just follow some steps:
  • If you already installed Greasemonkey add-on then goto next step otherwise you have to install Greasemonkey add-on . After installing this add-on you need to restart the Firefox.
  • If you already prepared for next step then go to this Facebook colour changer userscript page and click the install button at the top right of the page. A window will come up and click to confirm that you wish to install the script, and it will be installed.
  • Most of the work you have done Now, its your time to make a colorful Facebook world.  Log in to your facebook account and when viewing any page on Facebook simply click on Firefox 'Tools' option then 'Greasemonkey'>'Userscript Commands…'> and then 'Customise facebook colours…' A pop up with color options will be come up. (The same menu can be shown when right-clicking on the monkey on the bottom right)
  • Choose the color from the color box, click "Set!"and lets see what happen. 

      Then Facebook will look like that :

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